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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Arrival to UK

On 30th of August 2007 we had around 30 people coming to wish us good luck. There were some tears and slight thoughts of regret but far more laughs and smiles. A cousin of mine brought us a bag full of instant noodles saying: “Here is yours first month’s supply!” (THANK GOD SHE DID IT). We struggled a lot while sticking them into our luggage though. I received a RAT from friends who said: “Rats can survive anything and anywhere so this one will help you!” This rat is helping me out in Sweden now! After saying our farewells we rushed to the security control and WHOOPS what a surprise two of the guys were being frisked. One of them had pink fluffy handcuffs that OBVIOUSLY were not allowed to be taken in the departures. That frisk made us almost late for the flight.

When we arrived to Luton (around 8PM) with all our luggage and a rat sticking out of a shiny golden bag it was a pretty ridiculous picture. And OF COURSE we got lost. After wondering for an hour around blocks of attached English houses we ACCIDENTALY found our street.

When entering the house we met a guy that said to be the “Landlords Friend”. He said that the landlord was at a wedding in Italy and will be coming in a couple of days. Being a son of a lawyer I got really suspicious and checked all of his ID`s and wrote the details down. Also negotiated a deal that we will only pay a one month rent and give the deposit only to the landlord. The “Landlords Friend” gave his number saying: “Matey, If you have any problems - call me! I want you guys to know that you have your first friend in England!” And left with a smile. After taking showers and cooking dinner from the stuff we had brought (AND IT WAS A LOT) we craved for a good comfy night sleep. However bedding was not found so we had to cover ourselves with coats and use towels instead of pillows.

Next morning brought several surprises… Firstly, I felt like waking up in a freezer, the heating was not working. Warming up in the shower was a bad idea as well, the water was ice-cold. When checking the boiler we found out that it broke down. I called up the “Landlords Friend” that was so nice with us last evening, he gave a couple of instructions like: “Press this and that”. Of course it didn’t help so I called him up again and got a taste of British hospitality: “Well it ain’t me problem, innit? Just boil yourself a kettle and stop bothering me, I ain’t your landlord!”… That day started like HELL ABROAD for 4 Estonian teenagers.

Noontime we went to discover the town and do some serious home shopping. After completing the shopping list we returned home and had a small housewarming celebration with good old English beers and ciders…

P.S. The next several days we lived without heating and used to boil kettles to take a shower! It sounds funny now but at that point in time we felt miserable. In addition we did not know whether the landlord even existed J


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