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Monday, March 21, 2011

"Where r u from?"

Just a small post about geography:
I know Estonia is small and is still often associated with the Soviet Union and stuff... But some of the associations and geographical assumptions we`ve got about where it is had just been amazing. However, people who watch Eurovision knew about Estonia, because we won the contest in 2001 (YES, I’m still proud)

Top 6 Reactions when I answer the question “Where are you from?”:
6. “Of course I know it, it is somewhere between Finland and Russia”
5. “You bloody Eastern Europeans come and take our jobs”
4. “I have no idea where it is, sorry...”
3.” Is it somewhere IN Russia?”
2. “It is NEXT to Slovakia, right?”
1.  “Estonia… Hmmm.. When I hear that word I think of a caveman from one of the American TV series

Also people should stop confusing Baltic capitals with each other. Lithuania – Vilnius; Latvia – Riga; Estonia – Tallinn. It is simple as that! :D

Once I had a long conversation about Russia’s international relations and their positions. In the middle of the conversation a friend of mine said: “Wait! Isn`t Russia in the EU? o.0”. – I mean WHY on Earth were you listening for 20 minutes about this !? But still the people in England are brilliant when it comes to covering their geographical illiteracy: “You know, mate, we are from an island, so we don’t really care about the rest”

I find it funny in a good way. The less people knew about my home country, the more we had to talk about J So it’s really positive.

Study Geography - it's GOOD for you!


  1. Got the same problem Y.Y
    Many ppl think that Thailand is Taiwan and we speak Mandarin (must be bcoz of my Chinese blood). Someone asked me if Thai ride elephants to school!! (the most stupid thing ever!)

  2. WAIT!? o.0 u don't ride elephants to school!?

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