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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Theme Parties

Now let's get down to business... After sending my final thesis draft and the rest of the day to enjoy... I want to write about the most important thing when studying abroad... PARTY! You know it!!!

Parties make people get to know each other and have a lot of fun. Common sense, right!? House parties are probably my favorite as you do not need to worry about queues, running out of money in the bar (Well, we're students, remember!) And most importantly you have the people you like around you. Minor house parties are happening every weekend, I don't need to tell you that. However, theme parties are a lot more fun (If they are well organized, of course) So let me tell you about the most fun parties we had in UK and Sweden. But first a checklist for you.
  • Create a Facebook event, where you give all the information, add your playlist and ask people to add songs they want to hear (To make sure nobody will say the music was bad)
  • Make sure people know about the dress-code much in advance (It's just lame, when you are the only one in a costume). Your guests need to have enough time to think about it and visit the closest second hand store at least.
  • Create a playlist that would include the most relevant songs for your party. (Make sure it's long enough to keep people dancing until the morning)
  • Clean your place and get rid of anything that can get dirty, broken, damaged. (Oh, I've been there)
  • Enlarge your space as much as possible (Friends bring friends you know)
  • Decorate (I like putting posters and pictures around that contain images relevant to the theme)
  • Buy plastic cups (If you don't you're screwed...)
  • Make sure your speakers and laptop are in a liquid free are (OH, it is hard to make sure of that.. Last time I used duck-tape) 
  • Invite neighbors (so they cannot be angry at you for the noise. I mean you can at least try)
  • Book a cleaning company to come in the morning (Just kidding...)
So once you got it done you are ready for some hardcore partying with your friends...

I can tell we have made some epic theme parties in the past few years.

Luton 2009 - Soviet Party 

  • Russian food buffet
  • Soviet posters around
  • Cheesy music
  • Vodka was the drink of the party
  • Around 50 people in a small English House
  • Whole day of cleaning afterwards

Lund 2010 - 90's Party
  • Some old school 90's clothes
  • Graffiti on the chalkboard
  • Some great 90's hits
  • Around 40 people in the corridor kitchen
  • Whole day of cleaning afterwards 

Lund 2011 - 80's Party
  • The best clothes from a local second hand shop
  • Graffiti on the chalkboard, duck-taped DJ place, 
  • 80's artist posters all around the kitchen
  • Some 80's rock
  • Around 50 people in the corridor kitchen
  • Several days of cleaning

But remember all fun must be followed by...

P.S. I hope thats not how the corridor will look like after END OF THESIS PARTY...

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